Types of Window Tinting Films for Your Car 

Are you looking for window tint type for your car? But it seems you don’t know what to choose from. There are actually four types of window film to install in your car. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. To make a good choice, you may want to read the information below: Window Tinting

  1. Dyed Window Film. This is the cheapest among the types of window films for a car. The film is made by putting dye between the adhesive layer and the polyester top coating of the window. This window tinting is best when you want the darkest shade that does not have a reflective effect. It is good at reducing the sun rays coming through the windows of the car. With reduce sun rays mean to reduce heat inside the vehicle. Not just that, it offers a privacy to the passenger inside and does not interfere with the radio frequency and the in-glass antennae of the car. But this type tends to fade as time goes by. The UV rays will cause the dye to fade, turning it to purple. If the installer did not do his job properly, bubble effect will appear on your window.  
  2. Metalized Window Film. This tint is made out of little metallic particles that are not visible with naked eyes. The metallic material adds additional durability to the window. It is also good for blocking UV rays from entering the car. Unlike the first type, the darkness does not fade over time. Heat from outside is reflected away. It costs more than dyed film. What is not good about the material is it interferes with the radio signal and in-glass antennae of the car. This means that car radio cannot work properly, you may not have a phone signal and other problems. The metal has also a shiny appearance that is irritating to the eyes.
  3. Carbon Window Film. This type has a matte-finished effect that is very dark. It provides a good appearance of a tinted window. The carbon materials do not have an issue regarding the radio signal and in-glass antennae of the car. It also blocks heat and infrared light from entering the car. This means that it has a cooling effect inside the car that can prolong the life of the upholstery of car’s seats. There is no disadvantage so far listed for this window film.
  4. Ceramic Window Film. The most expensive yet the best choice when it comes to window tinting. It contains no metallic and no conductive materials. The film is made by ceramic particles that prove to be reliable. It blocks almost 50% of the heat from outside. It does not also fade through time. You can use cellphone, radio and monitoring system inside the car because it does not block the radio waves and interfere the in-glass antennae of the car. Unlike metallic window film, it’s not reflective. Same with carbon window film, it has no disadvantage so far.

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