Closet DIY: Simple Ways to Make Your Closet More Organized  

Closets are probably one of the most chaotic parts inside your room. There are times that you seemed to have no time organizing it again and again because of your organizing styles just do not work out and your end up with a cluttered closet.  

Closet DIY

It is important to maintain an organize a closet to keep your clothes, shoes, and bags in tip top shape, plus it helps you maintain your personal belongings clean too. Cluttered closets can cause a big headache and time consuming, in order to save you time and a headache with organizing your closet, try out these simple hacks and ways to start your closet cleaning before you call Custom Closets St.Pete 

Donate Clothes and Stuff You Do Not Use.  

Closets can be full of secrets, and we mean hoarding stuffs and clothes you do not barely use. These pile of stuffs keeps your closets full and messy, so take them out. Get a basket and sort out the ones you still use and donate the rest to those who will definitely be happy to use them. Instead of adding garbage, donate them for a good cause and at the same time you get to free up some space from your closet.  

Use Organizing Box or Baskets  

Using boxes and baskets are ideal for huge closet spaces. When you have boxes and baskets you can easily store small items like scarfs, socks, panties, or even your sandals to keep them organized. Usually the small items can pile up and use huge space in your closets, label them and find them easily when you store them individually and maintaining their good condition by keeping them stored.  

Hang Your Clothes.  

Hanging your clothes is more practical and energy saving than tucking them one by one plus you can allot a huge space when you do this. Hanging your clothes is wonderfully easy and time saving, you also get to choose your outfits easily by simply taking them out and hanging them again if you do not feel like wearing them, it saves you time from folding it again. You can also avoid fold lines when you hang your clothes, which is very nice, after all, it saves you again from ironing them.  

Roll Up Method  

To save space and fill your drawers with more stuffs, roll your shirts, socks and scarf to fill every small space. Space is very crucial when organizing, if you can expand it, try to save space by rolling up your small and soft items. The small items in your closet are usually the ones who consumes up space if you leave them unorganized. They can make your closet cluttered and lose them if you do not keep them in a specific place. Hence small and soft items need to be rolled up.  

Use Purse Hooks for Your Bags  

Bags can be bulky and consumes. In order to organize your bags, try hanging them using your purse hooks. In that case you get to save space and protect them from damage and easily grab them when you need to go.  

These simple ways can definitely help you organize your closet, but if you decide to make it much better you can call have the experts like Dream Closets & Carpentry LLC to set up a functional and beautifully designed closets which is a very good option for you to organize your stuff better with more spaces and drawers fit for your needs.  

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