What are the Roadside Assistance Services Available? 

Roadside assistance is the professional service provided for people who have car problems in an attempt for the vehicle to be drivable again. There are various scenarios where a car can meet a problem on the road. In case this happens, you have a roadside assistance plans  to help you.  There are many types of services offered by this assistance that gives solution to the problem you may face on the road.  Roadside Assistance Services

So, if you are curious what will you get out of this plan, read the information below: 


  1. Towing Service.This is the service use when the engineis dead and won’t start at all. The roadside assistance will tow the vehicle to the auto repair shop at a limited number of miles. But if you go extra miles from what is set, you might end up paying extra money.  
  2. Flat tires Service.If you have a flat tire, roadside assistance will come to your aid. Once you call, they will send a service pro at your location and replace the flat tire with the extra one in your car. But there is also a limit to this service. Often times a company does not offerthis for two or three-wheeled vehicles. 
  3. Battery Jump-start Service.This is used to start avehicle by using a jump-starting battery. But basically, you have to check the manual of your car because most of the vehicles operate differently. Most of the time, this kind of service is not applicable. But for hybrid vehicles who is operated with an electric motor to turn on the engine, this service can be required. 
  4. Fuel Delivery Service.This service is for drivers who runs out of gas when driving. A service professional will come to your location with the fuel he got from the nearest gas station that you are stranded. Most company will charge the gas for you and will use the price of the gasoline station.
  5. Lockout and Locksmith Service.This service is for drivers who cannot enter their vehicle. The company will call a lockout professional to try and open your door. They will use a long reach tool or pump wedge to unlock the door. This is called lockout service. But if the door is still not opening, the service professional will then call a locksmith to do the job.
  6. Winching Service.When you find yourself stuck and needs hauling, this is the service to call. The only expert can do the job with theheavy-duty vehicle for pulling. If it takes more than one service, there will be an additional cost. 

Should You Get Roadside Assistance Plan? 

There are several factors to consider if roadside assistance service is needed for your vehicle. For example, the vehicle age. If you have your car for a year, usually it does not cause a problem because the engine is still working nicely. You may also still have a free roadside assistance plan from the company where you bought your car. But after the expiration of the plan, it will be up to you again. For those who value convenience, you will benefit from applying another assistance service. It saves you from trouble in case you end up having a car problem.